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The CANNABIS & HEMP NETWORKING ASSOCIATION NY is a not-for-profit organization operating primarily for the purpose of sharing knowledge and generating business opportunities for its members.

CHNANY consists of member firms that are actively conducting business in the legal Cannabis, Marijuana and/or Hemp industries. Representation is either by an owner, partner or key employee. Meetings are held once a month. During these meetings, market intelligence, business referrals, educational topics and general business information are exchanged. Members and guests are also encouraged to meet outside of formal CHNANY meetings. Through one-on-one meetings, members will develop personal connections that result in long-term business relationships.

With diverse backgrounds, our members bring years of business experience to CHNANY. Our key areas of expertise include:

  • Business Operations

  • Distribution & Supply Chain

  • Advertising, Sales & Marketing

  • Retail Management

  • Human Resources

  • Legal Representation

  • Legislative Guidance

  • Regulation and Taxation

  • Banking and Financial

  • Training and Education

  • Insurance


Sharing ideas and information is key to CHNANY’s success. Members understand that CHNANY has the power to significantly expand their business development efforts and knowledge of this new and exciting industry. Members know the amount they contribute correlates directly to what they receive from the group.  It’s this commitment to help other members that makes CHNANY the powerful networking association it is. The potential returns are enormous.


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