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Centri Cannabis’s Cultivating Business featuring Scott Ogur

Join Centri’s Kevin McLaughlin, Leader of Centri’s Cannabis Practice, in the new monthly video series on the cannabis market, Cultivating Business. This month, the discussion revolves around restructuring and the current state of the cannabis market. We welcome Scott Ogur, Founder of West 4th Holdings, as November’s special guest.

Centri’s team of experts is ready to help you navigate the multifaceted challenges of the cannabis industry. Contact us to learn how our experts can help you.

About Centri Business Consulting, LLC Centri Business Consulting provides the highest quality advisory consulting services to its clients by being reliable and responsive to their needs. Centri provides companies with the expertise they need to meet their reporting demands. Centri specializes in financial reporting, internal controls, technical accounting research, valuation, and CFO and HR advisory services for companies of various sizes and industries. From complex technical accounting transactions to monthly financial reporting, our professionals can offer any organization the specialized expertise and multilayered skillsets to ensure the project is completed timely and accurately.

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