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Cannabis & Hemp Networking Association NY Membership Guidelines

To become a member:

●    Submit a completed membership application outlining your business
●    Meet with at least two board members (in person or by phone)
●    Achieve a majority vote by the Board of Directors

Criteria for all members:

●    Adhere to the attendance policy
●    Make guest referrals
●    Participate in networking, social events and Think Tank sessions
●    Perform house calls with members and guests
●    Receive business referrals from members
●    Invite guests & potential members
●    Make introductions outside the grou 
●    Be professional, ethical and enthusiastic
●    Keep current with dues
●    Abide by a professional dress code

The Membership Committee will closely monitor these criteria.

The CANNABIS AND HEMP NETWORK ASSOCIATION NY operates as a CLOSED NETWORK. Attendance and history with the group will determine those who can become or remain members. When a member leaves, that industry spot will become open to previous and new guests. The group will vote in a new member for that industry spot, with ultimate approval by the Board of Directors.

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