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Sharing ideas and information is key to CHNANY’s success.


CANNABIS & HEMP NETWORKING ASSOCIATION NY is a networking group with a focus on the legal cannabis and hemp industry. Sharing ideas and information is key to CHNANY’s success—we have the power to significantly expand your business development efforts and understanding of this new and exciting industry. When considering new members, CHNANY must determine if candidates have a significant and relevant business or a quantifiable client base in the cannabis and hemp business community. Guest invitations do not guarantee Membership. Admission considerations for CHNANY will be initially made by general members, followed by the Board of Directors for final approval.

Membership Requirements.


Membership is open to candidates with a significant and relevant business in the cannabis and hemp industry. We are actively seeking members who can add knowledge and experience to our key areas of expertise. Our founding members and Board of Directors are owners, partners, and key employees who have the knowledge and experience to help provide mentorship to new members. Members are invited to bring guests as potential candidates for membership.

CHNANY is dedicated to ensuring members have the best experience possible, have access to the most current information in the industry and create learning and networking opportunities to bring leadership and best practices to all members.

To inquire about attending a CHNANY meeting, please complete the contact form below.


Thank you!

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